Amor Panagakis has been passionate about art and design since high school - making small business logos around town, character illustrations at conventions, and book covers for start-up authors online. 
This love for design and drawing inspired Amor to attend Arizona State University, where she earned a BAS in Graphic Design, majoring in Imaging and Videography. It's another way of saying she is proficient with Adobe programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, just to list a few) and commercial advertising. Amor's idea of fun at a workplace is bringing people's ideas to life, and encouraging others to tinker with their creative side.
When she is not conceptualizing new ideas for clients, or learning about ways to improve her craft, Amor is star-gazing in her backyard or exploring outer worlds through video games and novels. 
If you're a potential new client, fellow artist looking for collaborations, or a gallery curator, don't be shy - say hello and shoot a message. Thank you for visiting this station - Safe travels!